View Full Version : Landing cards

03-02-2004, 15:56
When I flew into Domodedova on Saturday I was not able to complete a landing card. The airline (BA) did not hand any out and there were no cards at passport control. My passport was stamped without the card and I was allowed to go through.

Has anyone else had this experience? What is happening?


04-02-2004, 20:12
Not so far... Flew in on Tuesday, same old story as always. Flew Czech Airlines to Sheremetievo 2 though.

04-02-2004, 22:20
If you mean 'immigration cards' then that is weird. Simply because now OVIR are stamping the registration on the immigration card and not in the passport as they did formerly so people without immigration cards will be in a mess I suppose?

05-02-2004, 16:20
I don`t think so. I have never registered with the OVIR (but through my embassy), they are stamping my passport. I never needed the immigration card except for the passport officers at the airport.