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10-12-2007, 11:41
Hi there,

Im new to this forum and currently staying in Novosibirsk, i couldnt find a nsbk expat forum. I am on the ME business visa at the moment i have to leave the country by 30th of jan because it runs out in early feb.

I am looking at further ways to return to the country because of the business visa rule changes that are in progress at the moment, firstly as a last resort i was thinking of getting an invite for a student visa, but as i said that is a last resort. Now i am looking at applying for temporary residency. I have a few questions It seems that i can satisy all the requirements necesary to apply, apart from the criminal record check, my question is do the rules of spent convictions apply to this check, what rules are the gov. applying for refusal for example in england its very hard to find someone without a speeding ticket. would they not allow someone residency who has the above. Also does the check include the punishments or just what you did wrong, for example i commited a few driving offences but the punisment was very severe (put it this way i wont do it again). Looking at my record, theres no violent crime, theft, or crimes against children and most of my convictions will be spent this year, apart from a bloody road tax fine i forgot to sorn my car before i left the uk my mum phoned me and told me :doh:.

Because of my past history should i forget residency, work permits and just go down the student visa route

10-12-2007, 12:36
well i dont know how things work down there, but the quotas here are closed and when they re-open in jan an army of CIS guys will be ready with docs in hand plus all the the expats who have been f*cked over by the new laws. i guess the quotes where you are lower but still. you best bet if you wanna stay would be to get the study visa and spend next year getting all docs up together and ready to hand in once the quotas reopen :twofaced: