View Full Version : TEFL School in Moscow/St P

02-07-2013, 21:30
I have a couple questions. I want to get TEFL certified and live in Russia working as a teacher of English. I currently live in the USA and am working to save money and move there. Is it a good idea to get certified in Russia? On an on-site course? It costs more than a certification online but it also includes 20 hours of teaching experience. I think this would be invaluable to me. I'm looking at a class that starts in October and ends in early November...How difficult would it be to get a job (teaching) at this time of the year? I read that the peak hiring season is in September. One site also says it is in January as well. I am trying to get many opinions before I make a decision, preferably from people who live and work in Russia. Most schools that offer this certification (as far as I know) live in St. P. But, I will be moving and living in Moscow regardless of where I get certified. Is there any advice that anyone can offer me? Thank you.