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02-07-2013, 12:13
Many times I heard non Muslims tell like this: "Its time for these liberal Muslims to stand up. But where are they?"

Well guys, in Egypt the question is getting answered. The thing about Islamism is that it works on a number of false presumptions one of which is that people will follow authoritarian rule. That was true in the 80's and its what allowed Irani theocracy to survive.
But now?
In countries like Turkey and Egypt?
And with social media?
I think not.
So u have social polarization, the Islamists getting numbers thru illiteracy, bigotry and ignorance and a huge sweep of a more liberal, sophisticated set of citizens who want anything but to be told how to live. And yet neither two can dominate the other. Its like two people fighting over the same bed. Who will win?
C, I dont think anyone will win. Yes, the Islamists might return to terrorism, the army might take power, who knows? Many scenarios are possible. But what is inevitable is that power has shifted to the street.
How can it get resolved cos permanent revolution cud lead to chaos?
Only way it can get resolved is political maturity where people got to learn that all or nothing is not the way forward, that politics is about give and take and compromise. When u get to that point, then the Arab spring will finally have come of age. But I honestly believe that with the level of education ure dealing with, how emotions can so easily be manipulated, that's a long way off.
Instead, to get to that point, we are probably looking at something more like the political chaos of the 30 years war. Religion, ignorance, politics- very clearly a bad mix. At the end of this however, Islamism will be discredited and u will get perhaps the foundations of a new Islamic enlightenment.

02-07-2013, 12:15
Wow, that was quick....

02-07-2013, 12:36
yes there is a risk in Egypt that Islamism may resort to terrorism if the army takes over. Even in Pakistan, which is much poorer probably those actively following Islamism are no more than 20%. Leaving aside terrorism , conservative Hinduism and Islam have a lot in common when it comes to social attitudes