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25-06-2013, 13:27
Dear all,

My name is Gordey and I work as senior researcher at Higher School of Economics – currently one of Russia’s leading research institutions in social sciences.

This year we have launched a research project to study life and work experiences of expatriate workers, who chose (or were assigned..) to work in Russia.

We are in a desperate need of respondents for our interviews, so I would be very glad if any of you could help us finding suitable candidates in Nizhniy Novgorod. The interviews are semi-structured and last around 40 minutes (confidentiality assured).

However, our research design sets rather peculiar demands with respect to candidates.. We need only those, who are NOT in management. They just have to be highly skilled professionals (in finance, marketing, engineering, R&D, etc.) without explicit managerial functions, working alongside with Russians (i.e. mixed, multicultural environment).

If you think you can help, please, write me to my personal e-mail address gordey.yastrebov[at]gmail.com, or send your comments (and questions) here. We would be most grateful.

25-06-2013, 13:51
Sorry, I don't know anyone in Nizhny Novgorod.

Lost in moscow
25-06-2013, 14:33
I think you'd be lucky to find 10 expats in Nizhny Novgorod.

Are you doing the same research project to study life and work experiences of expatriate workers in other cities or just Nizhny Novgorod?

26-06-2013, 15:39
Gordey, did you mean to ask also about Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Perm', Omsk
and Krasnoyarsk?

You included those towns in the message you sent by Expat List.

17-07-2013, 18:03
I realize this is a few weeks old, but if according to AstarD you are looking for people to interview in the cities listed there, then perhaps I can help you.

I'm an expat in Perm' in a non-managerial position. Actually connected to the HSE here in the city. Let me know if I can help.