View Full Version : Where to buy FIsh

04-12-2007, 12:14
Hi Does anyone know of a petstore where you can buy fish and fish tanks in moscow? Nadine

11-12-2007, 12:32
Hello Nadin!

I can recommend to you the petstore where I buy everything and everyone for my aquarium. That is AQUALOGO - Аквариумный Салон (http://www.aqualogo.ru/salon). They are located at Leninskiy prospect 87A (Ленинский проспект, дом 87А). They also have an internet-shop Аквариумный интернет-магазин Aqua-Shop (http://www.aqua-shop.ru/index.php).


11-12-2007, 17:03
and you follow the tramlines ( out of town...) there is 1 tramstop up on the right side a big aquarium shop with lots of tanks, fish and stuff inside.
i just have seen the ad in one of the 'knock and drop' magazines, where it says that you can take the kids to the aquarium in Moscow now.
sorry so vague, for sure some posters might know the correct address.