View Full Version : Anyone interested in an 8 year old beginner?

04-12-2007, 02:15
Hey all,
I'm currently teaching an 8 year old girl, elementary level, 2 academic hours a week. I'm finding it very difficult teaching a child and I'm taking on more adult students. Is anyone interested in taking her on a student in my place? She lives in Mitino area, her father pays well. Please PM me if you're interested.
Thanks :)

04-12-2007, 18:02
I have another one if interested. I get many requests of one to one with driving service.
pasted piece from my pm.

She is going to be 11 years old and wishes to take an entrance exam in the 6 th grade in a london school. That is the reason she need to be prepared. She lives in Kurkino that is behind Khimki. Payment is not a problem and transportation for you as well if you don't have a car

PM me if you are interested. I now only do groups of children, and I have no wish to travel to peoples homes.

The request is urgent.

05-02-2010, 12:28
We are living in Mitino and lessons can take place at our home or we can drive to the teacherís home, if itís located in nearest area like Mitino or Tushino.

Lessons for boy 8 years old and girl 9 years old, beginners but they are studies in the school with English language specialization.

The key of those lessons with native English teacher is to broke language barrier, to show them that English is not only mandatory lesson in the school but fun and useful.

Children quite loaded by lessons in the school and other activities, so free time for English lessons is Sunday, for 2 academic hours any time.
But if it is not suitable for you, please just PM me.

As idea is to find the family with same age child or children. I think, combined games of equals in age can broke language barrier quicker.