View Full Version : Best Russian credit cards for travel

07-06-2013, 18:06
Can someone please advise what is the best russian credit card (Visa/Mastercar/etc...) to use for travelling overseas.

By best i mean lowest conversion fees for foreign currency withdraws.

In Australia with have the "28 degree mastercard" which allows you to take out money overseas with virtually no FX fees or charges. Im looking for something similar in russia from any russian bank.

does it exist?


06-07-2013, 20:03
In my opinion you can use credit card of UOB. It is better for travelling purpose.

08-07-2013, 00:34
does it exist?
Who knows?
I have Master and Visa from Sber, no problems till the moment, and Master and Visa from Transcapital - these are sometimes too nervous, when I start to pay abroad. Sber sometimes takes 2-3 dollars per cash withdrawal (in US, Taiwan and Bulgaria), sometimes doesn't (Ukraine, HK, mainland China, Germany, Italy, Netherlands). Probably it depends on the relations between Sber and ATM's owner bank.

08-07-2013, 23:55
I recommend 2 options

1. Get a Svyaznoi bank credit card - no fees for cash withdrawal over 3000 roubles anywhere in the world - but I am not sure if they issue those to foreign nationals

2. Open an Alfabank account and get a simplest unembossed Mastercard - they will give it to you on the spot right there and then - its NO fees for any POS transactions - Russia or abroad but cash withdrawal is going to be for an additional charge - like 3% or whatever - minimum like 150 roubles. Alfabank opens accounts for everyone, including foreigneres - all you need is notarized translation of your passport with valid visa and migration card.

09-07-2013, 12:53
Get a Tinkoff bank Debit card, you can withdraw from 3000p going up without charges anywhere in the work, the great thing is that that give it to foreigners too