View Full Version : i don't get it...

Ned Kelly
29-01-2004, 13:47
"Caution: very rude swear word contained in the text of this message!"

this is posted by the most entertaining person ever to grace the site and the thread is immediately closed. am i missing something?

29-01-2004, 15:04
He probably deleted the thread himself. Kind of a "catch a glimpse of me" thing.

Ned Kelly
29-01-2004, 15:18
makes sense mr sponge

29-01-2004, 23:00
He always did try to hog what limelight is available in here ;)

Thread is open now.

30-01-2004, 00:00
So yours has holes in it then, Sid ? :)

30-01-2004, 14:34
The thread wasn't closed... well I couldn't see it closed :)

31-01-2004, 03:12
But why blow my own trumpet Braders when yer bird can do it for me

Same old, same old....

Weak Sid, extremely weak...

We are heading down the same old boulevard as we did before, not one slanderous/scandalous comment against moi?, you have seen images on here of me before, damn you must be urgently ugly lad :)