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24-05-2013, 06:03
Any opinions regarding the desirability of renting in Rosinka ? Is it a good area for children ? What about the rental costs ? Thanks.

Rhubard Geoff
24-05-2013, 09:58
Depends where you are working and how you intend to travel there. It's miles from the centre of Moscow and at peak time at least 2 hours each way to the centre and back by car.

24-05-2013, 10:55
As Rosinka is a topic that surfaces fairly often, I did a search for you.

Many conversations for your perusal.


30-05-2013, 21:46
I don't live there but many of my husband's colleagues do. From what I understand the complex itself is very family friendly, lots of families living there with children of all ages. There is a British School on the grounds of Rosinka, for children up to grade 6 - and if you live there you are guaranteed a spot at the school (unlike many other international schools, where your kids will be subject to waitlists). The main complaint I hear of Rosinka is that it is so far from the city center and anything else walkable for that matter. Its kind of a bubble. The only information I know about the rental costs is that you will get a bigger townhome at Rosinka for less money than you would pay at Pokrovsky Hills. At PH the smallest unit they offer costs about 12000 USD per month - at Rosinka the prices start considerably lower, but I can't remember the exact figures.