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22-05-2013, 13:13
Dear all!

I’m looking for English-speaking fellow-travellers, sponsors and mass media
Please, help me to spread this information

What’s this?
The 2nd ethnographic expedition
This year it will be an international expedition
The tittle: The British Raft expedition

The matter is

The rafting along the Klyazma river, ethnographic expedition of the most beautiful, historical places of the ancient capital of Russia – Vladimir visiting authentic villages where joint events with aboriginals will be held.


The Klyazma river, the centre of Vladimir - 100 kilimetres downstream till Kowrov (if till the 03 th of June –till Vyazniki)

From the 25th of May till the 30th (the 03 of June)


1) The Englismen – the teachers of The british House: Dave (22 years), Stuart (30 years), Michael (42 years) - 3 persons
2) The Danes, students of the town Skive 3 persons
3) The Englishmen from Moscow and other Russian cities - 7 persons
4) The Russian team - 5 persons (including the captain, operator,blogger)


vk.com[/]britishraft (pls correct link)

Why do you need this?

Great intention to participate
practical scientific knowledge, exploration
Fun, rest

The British House is the cultural centre in Vladimir, we create the culture of Vladimir, and improve its tourist attractiveness.

How to become a participant?

You should be an Englishmen or to live abroad more than a year and have a perfect level of English.

You should write a short motivation letter an send it to en[at]bh33.ru[/email] till the 30 st of May

The Organizators
Publishing House ООО «Internet - Kowrov» (ikovrov
internet and magazine)
International Cultural Centre "British House" – Russian non-commercial organization,

We provide accommodation, meals, equipment during the project and media coverage of the project


Evgeniy Nozdrachev, marketing manager, British House (Vladimir)
+79046562070, en[at]bh33.ru

22-05-2013, 15:16
and have a perfect level of English

The Organizators

where joint events with aboriginals will be held