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17-05-2013, 20:20
Hello,everybody. I'm new on the forum,19 year old from Greece,I plan to move to Russia,Kazan this August. All I want is to stay permanently there. My current plans are to get there on a tourist visa(I don't know: Can I take a business visa,without belonging to any company myself? somebody help on this). After that I'll apply for TRP. How possible is that,while on a tourist visa? I've read other threads about TRP,I don't know though how is it possible to get a propiska,or rent with contract while on tourist visa (I think contract means propiska,correct me if I'm wrong). And another question,is it possible to get a rent with contract, while I'm on a tourist visa? I need this to get propiska...and then apply for TRP...

I would really appreciate any help,especially from any of you Kazan expats... I read about all these difficulties on the forum,and I feel really disappointed and desperate...

P.S. I speak English fluently,Greek, and I know a little Russian. I'd be interested in any occupations involving these languages,if it's possible to obtain a work permit with any of these...

Thank you for reading,and I'd really,really appreciate any replies!

18-05-2013, 14:42
Dude, you are so delusionary.

Russian residency permits are extremely difficult to qualify for--any time any way, any how. You just don't know what you're talking about.

I wish you the best, we all know what a mess Greece is right now.

Try Canada immigration, or Australia. They are much easier and better bets than Russian immigration, known to take in qualified foreigners fairly easily. Russia is not.

>>19 year old Greek--Fingers crossed for you, I hope you find a prosperous way in your life, these are difficult times. I'm suggesting that Russia is a poor option for you, look elsewhere.

Best wishes and hopes for your future,

--{edit} Why do I have the feeling that SteveKazan might have a Russian lassie pulling on his residency heartstrings?--