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DJ Biscuit
27-01-2004, 14:54
Has anyone noticed that Bardak is being used less and Expat Cafe is becoming more and more popular?
What does this mean? Are we more civilised, surely not! ;)

27-01-2004, 14:58

The site is becoming more popular and interesting, Bardak will never die :)

27-01-2004, 14:58

The problem is, your mask is slipping and people are beginning to realize that many of your post don't belong in Bardak because you are not the hard case you pose as. :-)

DJ Biscuit
27-01-2004, 15:06
Good answer.

No Lenny Bardak will not die. Perhaps Expat Cafe is just more popular as more and more ppl join the site. Okay, stupid thread really. Basically on the eve of your birthday it is recognised that you are bringing 'em in.

27-01-2004, 15:07

DJB, it is a good topic old chap, come along tomorrow for a drinkie poos ?

27-01-2004, 15:08

Early Happy Birthday, mate!

DJ Biscuit
27-01-2004, 15:08
Len Where you drinkie-pooing it?

27-01-2004, 15:13
Mr. Biscuit, I'm just working too much to spend time in Bardak. Things will be back to normal soon, when I get fired.

DJ Biscuit
27-01-2004, 15:15

Wouldn't wish that on ya Mr.Q.

27-01-2004, 15:16
Fa-Q, it doesn't matter what folder you are in, u just swear anyway... STOPITYABADBOY.

Drinkies, not sure, maybe Silvers, Mollies, Tinkoff, whereever, any sugestions?

27-01-2004, 18:23
Simple: Bardak is not open to all, whereas Expat Cafe is.

27-01-2004, 19:06
Good answer from JH there - or perhaps there`s only two people with multiple identities using Bardak, and one`s ill at the moment ? ;-)))))

DJ Biscuit
27-01-2004, 19:12
No, both of me are fine! :D ;)

28-01-2004, 03:50
People are generally more polite here. Bardak is ostensibly for profanity and obscenity, but people are more insulting there as well. I think the constant flame wars are more off-putting than dirty words. ;)