View Full Version : ice-breakers [read: english for russian]

28-11-2007, 11:49
i guess are what i need for moscow given what i have heard about winters anyway i'm back in moscow in a couple of weeks - i'm interested in picking up some russian phrases again so if you fancy a language swap drop a PM. as an aside, are there any nice cozy cafes in the centre [i only seem to know sushi bars!].

28-11-2007, 16:51
i've been looking for someone interested in language swap for a while already on this site - to revive my once very good english that i am forgetting(( i am a trained russian language teacher in the past - this may also come handy)). i pm'd my contacts, pls check your inbox. cheers,

Aussie Mark
29-11-2007, 11:27
I expect you to meet at Coffee Mania you two!!!! :)

I miss that place!

29-11-2007, 11:49
it is a great place, indeed, Mark! For language swap though it may occur way too loud))

Whenever you are back in moscow next time let me know and we'll pay them a visit)) how are things back home?

Aussie Mark
04-12-2007, 10:20
Hi Irina, Cold and wet here although we got lost of snow this last weekend, rain washed it away though.

Will let you know if I am back :)