View Full Version : Cities Administrators ordered to WALK to the office

18-04-2013, 05:29
the head of the administration was -appalled-about the dirt still on the roads, the situation that garbage bags are piling (sp?) up and not being removed, the pavements and sideways are in disrepair and the many pot holes on the roads. snow is gone now and all that shows.
so the boss said ( this is from a local news broadcast) that the -company- cars will stay in the government's garage and he ordered the cities and special the districts administrators to WALK to work.

as you might have guessed already, this is not in Moscow, the mayor there would not have the guts to do so, but in LIPETSK.
And if for nothing else, even if it might be a one off only, cleaning crews and trucks are all over the place. and not only during this saturday when we had the official -subotnik- where everyone is -encouraged- to done old jeans and rubber gloves and help to spruce up parks and get rid of all the accumulated dirt.