View Full Version : Get-togethers for people in their 20's

13-04-2013, 19:46
Is there some kind of "Event, group, place" Etc. of people in their 20's that get together to gang our, chat, drink, play some bored games, stroll, you know.... Humanize ....

Office job is pretty monotonic and boring, and everybody there is 30+, so nobody really to go out with.

So is there some kind of "gang" of English speakers, who regularly get together to "human" =)
And besides after speaking 24/7+356 to Russians in Russian im starting to Runglish ..... that scares me... need to talk ... English

If yes, where, when, and how to i get in.
If no, Maybe make one... im sure there are plenty of Bored Office workers, and people who seek adventure.

13-04-2013, 23:33
Hey! I'm wondering the same thing! I work a lot but my weekends are always free... Would be great to humanize :-)

14-04-2013, 14:07
I am IN. Been here for a out a year, looking to go out drink and just have fun. I speak English and Russian, but prefer to socialize in English. Only problem, I am not always free on weekends.

20-04-2013, 19:52
same here... happy to hit a drink tonight if anyone up for one

24-04-2013, 00:04
Dude, same here. I work in a firm where it's mostly 30+ year olds, other than secretaries. Let me know if there's a group meeting up sometime.

24-04-2013, 21:35
Sorry, was at work 24/7 forgot bout this post .... just remembered to pay for the internet

Thats my problem to... Everyone at my work is mostly 30+ and Russian speaking.

well, Atm im working the weekend. too all interested ill PM time and date and we can co-work for a beer coughday eveing!