View Full Version : Help us to help children

Anton S.
24-01-2004, 12:21
As you are aware, lots of children in Russia, including affluent Moscow, are leading perfectly miserable lives. These are orphans, children of alcoholic parents, children of single mothers who struggle for survival and cannot give their sons and daughters what they need.

Our Pomoshch Detyam is a small organisation trying to help some of such children as far as we can. We have some permanent clients - a woman bringing up 9 children (her own and adopted) on her own, a good mother, but terribly poor; a family in which the mother works as a charwoman, the father is an invalid (former alcoholic who can no longer drink being too ill) and the numerous children often have very little or nothing to eat; several other cases of the same kind; we also try to help people calling us on one-off basis. Besides, our friends - two child psychologists - regularly visit orphanages in the provinces where they not only provide counselling but also bring clothes and footwear, etc., as these orphanages lack everything.

If you could donate food, child clothes, footwear or school things, we would be grateful.

You can contact us by e-mail antonsm@online.ru (English, Russian, French) or by phone 203-13-06 (Russian only) on weekdays from noon till 7 p.m. (Zhanna or Victoria).

P.S. We are also planning to start a child shelter in the suburbs of Moscow. God willing, we'll begin the project this year.