View Full Version : Lost in Moscow Video Clip

23-01-2004, 21:51
Just a sneak preview of Lost in Moscow

The clip is only 7 seconds long as that's the maximum length i could squeeze in to be below the 100kb upload limit, it's been compressed in WinZip and is saved in the .WMV format (Windows Media Player) for the dummies ;)

The song is Bob Dylan - Stuck in the middle with you.

The clips that will be on the site Jules is doing will be around 2-3 MB'S in size.

The originals in .avi format are 600 MB's in size!

23-01-2004, 22:40
Braders, my understanding that Len is on the left? Who is in the middle? Its kind of dark and loud - my kind of style :)

25-01-2004, 17:53
From A;ex da Gitar MAN, front left to right Me (Len) David Twin (Bassist in the rear), Jules on keys, Sam da drummer, David W, our G and singer man, Ksishya (swoon) and Bob, rythym and mean rapper man...

Teutonic Deity
26-01-2004, 12:48
we can get bigger files on the site here braders, just drop me a line to discuss...

26-01-2004, 20:33
Hey, Lee - whenever you're ready, send the clips along to webmaster@lostinmoscow.com - I can't wait to see them myself!

Not that you can really see me anyway - I think I need a stool to stand on or something... :p :D