View Full Version : Last Stoppers Club, 30/3 20:00

29-03-2013, 09:40
If anyone is interested in an adventure Saturday night (30/3), the Last Stoppers Club are making their way out to Yugo-Zapadnaya to eat, drink, and be merry. The group will meet in the middle of the red line platform at M. Park Kulturi at 8pm. Just listen for the friendly expats speaking English! This will be my first time joining the group and I hope to see some of you there!

29-03-2013, 09:59
Sounds a bit like the Hash House without the running!
If I was in Moscow, I'd definitely give this a go.

30-03-2013, 17:27
Anyone with nothing to do tonight is welcome!!
8pm Park Kultury Metro station (red line)...
We're headed down to Yugo Zapadnaya to drink and be merry!!

PM me for my phone number in case you can't find us!

12-04-2013, 14:32
Hi Folks,

I'll move to Moscow around September this year but will be in town occasionally until I finally move over.

It happens that I will be in Moscow from April 24th to May 2nd. I came to hear about the "laststoppers" event and this sounds like fun.
Anything on Sat. April 27th ? I would love to join.

One more questions: As i will be in town also on May 1st - any things going on during the day. It seems that v-day parade is celebrated but not May-Day anymore. Is there still a parade going on ?

Looking forward to meet some of you.