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25-03-2013, 18:42

Hey everyone, come to the Burlesque Ball at the hotel Ukraina (nab.Taras Shevchenko) on April 6th, there will be silly and sexy dancing... !

Champagne reception 19.30
Dinner (interspersed with dancing) 20.30-23.00
Live band and DJ 23.00-03.00

I need to tell you actually that since this is ostensibly the annual closing of the BROOMBALL season, that 20 mins to half an hour will be taken up with broomball-related jokes and awards. Broomball is a sport a bit like ice hockey played by expats in Moscow, great fun in the winter, and this year we have decided to open our annual ball to non-players.
So if you might be interested in playing the sport, this might be doubly interesting for you. Those who just want a good night out are also welcome.

Price: 5,000 rubles, which I know is a lot, but actually when you add up all the food and drink for a whole evening and night, then it's quite good value.... I always have to pace myself cos there's a danger of going overboard. Last year the dancefloor was totally rocking even before the starters had been served!

Drinks: practically unlimited champagne, beer, wine, rum, vodka... dinner at tables of 10.

Tickets from Maria Petrova, Lincoln International office, Nikolskaya 10, 6th floor, +74957770051

Dress code: Men: formal/black tie, Ladies: BURLESQUE!! (or a respectable cocktail or evening dress :) )