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22-01-2004, 13:42
Doing a story on buildings being knocked down in the centre of Moscow. Would like to speak to anyone who lives in any of these buildings which will be knocked down one has already gone_ soon.

Sredny Tishinsky pereulok, 14, str 1
Voznesensky per. 20, str 1
Bolshoi Kozikhinsky 15. str 1
Bolshoi Kozikhinsky 15, str 2
Bolshoi Kozikhinsky 13, str 1
Bolshoi Kozikhinsky 23, str 2
Maly Tishinsky pereulok 15, str1
Maly Tishinsky pereulok 15, str2

And if you're interested a longer list of buildings, which may be knocked down, maybe not, was printed in Izvestia on Jan 21 (second part of the paper).

Kevin O'Flynn
The Moscow Times

22-01-2004, 14:33
Any chance of posting the full list either here or in the MT ?

22-01-2004, 14:36
Possibly on our web site next week.

22-01-2004, 14:38
Cheers - I would appreciate it ...I get this nagging doubt about the building I live in. All around me seems to have been developed !

22-01-2004, 14:39
This is terrible...

The governement planned this sometime last year, i was even offered the development contracts, but the cost to the existing tennants/owners was to unethical for us to consider... very sad

22-01-2004, 15:08
Kevin, I think it would be real helpful to a number of expats and quite possibly a number of locals if you published the list in the MT as soon as possible. I didn't see the article in Izvestia and I would guess a number of other expats didn't as well

I am for example about in talks with my landlady about a rental increase & it would be handy to know if the building was about to be knocked down !!

Please I implore you publish the full list in your esteemed paper !!

22-01-2004, 18:20
Kevin, great article in MT. This "tema" was discussed on Echo Moskvy or Ser Dozhd earlier this week. Particularly regarding how buildings are suddenly found to be unsafe and thus slated for destruction. Any article that takes a pot shot at the short and chubby one is good reading.

22-01-2004, 18:26
i got a leave now there about to knock down my house

22-01-2004, 18:51
Random, you are lucky indeed to be 'in talks' with your landlady; mine just announced the rent rise as a fait accomplit:)

22-01-2004, 18:54
I wouldn't say these talks are going my way though !! :D

22-01-2004, 19:11
When the walls, come tumblin' down
When the walls, come tumblin' crumblin' doooooown!

24-01-2004, 03:35
Well, ya know, the owners get a nice NEW flat for free, for the old one.

24-01-2004, 04:31
Sure they do, in sunny podmoskoviye.

And just wait until they hear about the Vogon space fleet.