View Full Version : Getting hired to teach English.

Perry Franz
11-03-2013, 18:39
Hi, all. I want to go back to Russia to teach English, and have applied at a couple of places online. It's a bit frustrating, but I wondered...has anyone had any success traveling to Russia and getting a job while they were there? I can get to St. P. or Moscow for a couple of weeks to apply at English schools. Say a school will hire me; can the school change my visa for me while I am there and save the cost of an airline ticket, or will I have to come home, and then travel back on the school's dime? If I don't get to Russia, and a school is interested in hiring me, is it worth offering to pay my own way there? I have a lot to learn, I know, thanks for any and all advice.

16-04-2013, 18:29
Hi, we are in the same position, sort of. We are applying for positions in Spb and most schools are not offering any visa support but say that they might, if you "prove yourself to be a worthy employee". Let us know if you get an offer that looks/sound legit. We are yet to get one:)

Best of luck