View Full Version : City of Smolensk, and also, Advise on hiring translators if you travel to other cities

11-03-2013, 11:26
Hello, I'm a translator from Smolensk living in Moscow and travelling all over the world. It has been my observation and experience that it's much more convenient to travel to a place accompanied by a local (or have one meet you there and show you around), so here's my advice, if you're travelling to any of the Russian cities via Moscow, and want to hire a translator, make sure you get someone who lives in that city, is from that city or has travelled to that city a lot and knows their way around. This is very helpful and makes a huge difference.
Particularly, if you are travelling to Smolensk and need a translator, let me know, I can help you or refer you to some who can help.
The reason i'm posting this is, I love my city and want to promote the local translators and guides. (Just incase, I'm not an agency or anything of that sort, and I'm posting this after having worked with Americans in Smolensk for a while, and just recently someone was looking for a translator, which gave me the idea to post this)