View Full Version : "Winter is the Soul of Russia" trip proposal

Uncle Pasha
08-03-2013, 08:54
March is your last chance to sign up for my "Winter is the Soul of Russia" tour of the Gold Ring. There is already plenty of sun to make countryside travel easy. Yet there are no crowds of tourists, and hotels are empty, making it unnecessary to plan anything in advance. Museum staff, also bored stiff, will authentically welcome you. Have you notice that small town and village inhabitants turn much friendlier and helpful in winter? I'd say middle of March is the ideal time to explore the Russian countryside and the Gold Ring in particular.

Economy or authenticity enthusiasts may even do it in the camping mode. I'm game. You'll save a bundle on hotels and cafes, and the adventure and accompanied misadventure will be remembered. A 4WD diesel, a camper, and a bunch of camping equipment are available.

Both dead season and cabin fever that together make me an easy victim to cheap proposals are coming to and end.