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DJ Biscuit
20-01-2004, 19:04
This functionality does not work properly. Firstly it is the Kosmos TV site, and therefore does not have all the main Russian channels but secondly when I requested listings for today the Kosmos site told me there is no such information. Oh, and the employment section did not open. Not criticising as such, simply letting you know kinda comment.

DJ Biscuit
27-01-2004, 16:27
Thanks for the ''Technical Support'' :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

DJ Biscuit
29-01-2004, 18:16

29-01-2004, 18:17
Good luck Mr. Biscuit. Your suggestions are falling on deaf ears.

Teutonic Deity
29-01-2004, 20:02
Please report any technical problems with the "main" (outside the forums) site to webmaster@expat.ru

DJ Biscuit
02-02-2004, 14:40
Technical Support
Problems? Questions about the site? Post them here.

I must have misunderstood what is written on this forum title!:rolleyes: