View Full Version : alternative music club in Moscow

25-02-2013, 18:10
is there a place-club in Moscow that plays alternative,indie,punk music?

anything from Arctic Monkeys,Joy Division,Rammstein, Ramones, 80ies post punk and so even Franz ferdinand would do.

just that there is no new pop stuff,rap,techno and other mainstream stuff.

17-03-2013, 17:05
I'm not really a clubber, prefer live music, but I'd guess you might get some joy at places like Relaks (m. Proletarskaya) or Plan B (m. Dostoevskaya / Novoslobodskaya) - both tend towards hard rock. Also, China Town Cafe (and below, Kitaisky Lyotchik) (m. Kitai Gorod) are pretty solid bets for indie. 16 Tons (m. Ul 1905 Goda) has a lot of DJ / club sessions at weekends, but I'm no expert on the music they have there. I've been to live shows of anything from neo-folk to IDM.

Gogol and Masterskaya (both m. Teatralnaya / Lubyanka) are fairly reliable venues for local indie acts as well.

Alternatively, if DJ Spirin (also the frontman of post-punk act Tarakany!) is still doing his club nights, you might enjoy them. Used to be a regular midweek slot at Ikra before that place closed down.