View Full Version : German Embassy denies VISA

16-11-2007, 15:47
I am an Indian and travelled to Germany on business many times I had 6 months muti entry visas always for last three years since one and the same company (a major logistics operator) invites me always. But last time I applied for visa they checked my docs and didn't ask a question during the interview and said everything's fine collect your visa after three days as I had metings fixed and tkts booked. When I came to collect the passport they gave my passport back without visa. inside was a paper stating I had not given correct information during the interview sort of purpose of visit. And they put a stamp on my passport with letter D on it. The guys are so rude that u can't talk to them they are real fasicts on phone and don't want to admit that i wasn't asked a question during the interview and just feel dumped now. Does any one have any idea what this stamp means. I got a UK visa after this bloody stamp and I am afraid is shengen closed for me. Can some body consult me on this may be someone has experience of this or not.
THX for any information u could provide I shall be really grateful.

17-11-2007, 08:19
I've had many friends apply for different visas at many different embassies in Moscow. By far the worst is the German embassy. Everybody complains about the US embassy, but the my experience is that the Germans are far worse, ruder and bureaucratic. So this does not surprise me.