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18-01-2004, 19:02
I am looking for a decent place to stay in St.Pete, not more than USD 80/night a single. Anyone could recommend anything? Thanks a lot.

20-01-2004, 18:12
A colleague put up a notice about a place he stayed at and recommends fully - it's a small B&B at Nevsky Prospekt, 11 - call them at (812) 325-9398 or fax 325-9397. It's smallish, but he said it was clean, in an excellent location, and they give you a light breakfast and high tea, have computers on-site for email, and will pick you up from the airport or train station. Sorry, I don't have their email address.

There's also a youth hostel there somewhere, but I don't know their contact info.

Enjoy your trip... :)

20-01-2004, 18:14
If you're thinking about Hostel Holiday, it was awful the last time I was there (summer). I just checked their website - http://www.hostel.ru/ - and apparently they've moved to a better neighborhood (I have a friend in the Park Pobedy neighborhood, it's pretty nice), changed their name, and started pricing in euros. Unfortunately I can't say anything about this new place, as I have yet to check it out.

20-01-2004, 18:29
I'm in St Pete now. I usually stay at the hotel Moscva. I don't have tel. numbers with me. But it's like $80/night and it's fine. big breakfast buffet and CNN. If you're really interested in this place, send me a PM as a reminder and I'll grab all the numbers from my room tonight.

20-01-2004, 19:22

20-01-2004, 20:40
I have stayed at the B+B Nevsky Prospekt several times. It is about $80 a night, and you can't beat the 5 minute walk to Palace Square and the Hermitage. Most of the staff speaks some English and although the rooms are not sumptuous, they are more then adequate. They also provide breakfast and afternoon tea and will pick you up at the airport/trainstation.
Tel: 812-322-3122

20-01-2004, 22:07
www.sleepcheap.spb.ru is the site for a small hostel in a renovated apt, $20 per person per night. fairly central ( you will actually have to walk to get to nevsky, but only like 10 minutes).