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12-11-2007, 21:56
I would like to recommend a very good Indian restaurant called Cafe Devi.
Metro: Belyaevo, Yugo-Zapadnaya
21a, 2, Miklukho-Maklaya str
It is a cosy little restauramt located in the RUDN University Campus.
It is not luxury but food is excellent there.
The cook and the waiters are Indian and there are many Indian visitors there as well as others who like Indian food.
The bill is ridiculously cheap: for 2 persons it is not more than 800rbls including drinks.
We usually dine there with my wife and a friend of mine from Singapore likes it as well. He even celebrated New Year there.
I guess it sounds like an advertisment, but I really recommend this place for Indian coisine lovers!

12-11-2007, 22:53
It sounds like a genuine recommendation to me, and always welcome. I will certainly try it out when the chance arises to be in the area.

12-11-2007, 22:55
Fully agree, it is also popular as take away by some expats...

Been there twice now, both times very good!

21-11-2007, 19:42
Unhygienic kitchen and waiters

21-11-2007, 21:27
Unhygienic kitchen and waiters

Have you been in the kitchen. I don't know this restaurant but such negative statements of a recommended needs evidence. You can't slag off any company or person in that matter without good reason and evidence. Please clarify your statement.

22-11-2007, 17:37
Please visit there and carefully watch it. Then u will understand it. Almost All Indian restautants use cheap meats and ingredients. If u want to taste it, please

07-12-2007, 22:47
I've been dining there ever since I came to Moscow 5 years ago. Never had food poisoning or intoxication. Still one of my favourites! Recommended!

07-12-2007, 23:05
Please visit there and carefully watch it. Then u will understand it. Almost All Indian restautants use cheap meats and ingredients. If u want to taste it, please

I'm concerned. Such statements need evidence. Has the health authorities visited this restaurant. Otherwise I would ignore such public comments, unless you have official evedence. Make your evidence to the proper authorities if you have such evidence. Otherwise shut-up. You cannot attack recommendations on something that cannot be susbsantiated.

Members here might begin to ask what your purpose is in such statements. Are you competitor for example. You need evidence before you can make such statements publicly.

21-12-2007, 18:18
All Indian Restaurantss Use Cheap Meat? what do u mean, Alex? Russian Talking of Hygine, no offence, but Have u visited any of your Russian Cafe's and Restaurants, waiters dont take showers for months, they smell sweat, Cooks have that crooked Look, with Cigarettes in hands and they Cook Without even washing hands.

Today Indian Cuisine is one of the Most Popular in the the world, with some much of variety and Flavour. Moscow's most Popular Restaurant is INDUS, Maharaja, Khajurao, Vostochnaya Komnata, Ajanta, Tandoor, Just go and chk yourself the quality and then Talk.

Devi Cafe is a small Joint inside the University Hostel, so no one is expecting a 5 star atmosphere, it is a place to get some home style Indian Food with emphasis on value for Money, as far as quality is concerned, no complaints, even though I go there rarely as Live in center but Highly recommended.


21-12-2007, 18:32
Alex - How do you know that they use cheap meat? Do you stand there and watch and go through the invoices and check the meat? Have you even eaten there? If it was cheap meat, was it by any chance from RUSSIA?

Indian cooking is an art. If you knew anything about cooking Alex, you would know that Indian cooking is one of the best loved cusines in the world along with Italian, french etc... I do not see Russian cusine ranked in there, therefore, I do not think you qualify to make such remarks. I think that most Russian people have a problem with non-white people and are immediately racsist.

21-12-2007, 20:48
I gave you a thanks fellow Brit, on unfounded attacks on a restaurant recommended on this thread.

However, I disagree on your last sentence generalising all Russians.

If you wish to criticise the individual post writer by all means go ahead and do that.

21-12-2007, 22:39
Love the place. Proper Indian food that is too spicy to host any dangerous bacteria. Absolutely great!

It's in the middle of nowhere but worth the travel!