View Full Version : Anyone! HELP! I've lost a friend!

11-11-2007, 14:42
Approx. a month ago i ve met a wonderful girl named Yvette Barker at the Silevr's bar! i took her contacts, but alas, got so drunk that night so lost all my phones and notebooks and even a napkin on which i ve written her email! :coffee:

If anyone know Yvetter Barker, who's working as a nanny in Moscow, or maybe her friend a guy from Australia (sadly dont rem his name) pls contact me!!!

my email is Sorry no emails on open forum allowed. Please use PM function. Thanks. Moderator

thanx in advance

11-11-2007, 22:23
I remember this post from non proverbial blond.


Maybe you're the unlikely dashing man she was looking for?

Best of luck. :iloveyou:

DJ Biscuit
11-11-2007, 23:19
Unlikely. Profile says 'female'!