View Full Version : My poem 2

Benamer Hamza
31-12-2012, 15:36
Da' неt! Mrs.Lo'Lita

December the beautiful season i was born
Snow with rain had never stopped
The trees upon the leaves were tender yet
The sleeping river, with the sight of foggy smoke
I went out to pay a walk to Mrs. Lolita
The beautyful lady far away in Oka river lived
In my way, i saw gulls up in the sky flying with unknown faith
They had not found their way to the warmth of the sun
I turn the wheel straight to my hopeless alley wondering
Between the two lives my heart was throbbing :
The smell of death Da' , Mrs. Lolita surely knew
And my desire to love нет! She had sadly ignored
I entered home after a long walk, with sorrow tearing my wounded heart
I was neither dead nor alive , what should i do then ! should i die!
She gave commands and all the smiles stopped altogether in a while
She said," Mrs. Lolita " I left you with no return
I had fears with much pain, i wished if i were dead,then you asked when
Dreaming of you and how lovely time we spent
That beautyful images of an angel with blue sky_eyes disappeared like a mirage
Days were runing like a horse in the green nature counting
The day came, when death took over my smile and my soft cuortesy
I remembred how much i dared to keep thee alive in my heart
You left me with a big grief i could never forget
At Toussaint, you brought the chrysanthemums when they were in bloom
With this handsome man called " Vlademir " I had never known
The innocent man whom you played ,destroyed, like a soldier whose leg was cut off
He could not fight his enemies nor defend his precious belief
O dear Lolita, i begged you! let me speak out to your lovely heart
You said ," i set up the game ,and you should respect the rules "
These sensless wishes you kept ,i was lost in a desert with no water to drink
Then came Tariseas the blinded clairvoyant prophet!
I first spoke, " show me the way back to my life "
He with grief said " with two steps you can go back "
you would bring the golden sword ,and then kill Lolita
I stood against wondering should i kill thee! or i set you alive
I would kill thee with every smile you gave :" surely no "
This was my faith when we gathered lifelong
The future let me down, when i was so strong !
I needed thee much than anytime before
Love with respect and honor you gave i could not forget
Again with spring and the smell of this nice breeze
With your smile and the beautiful kisses you gave
I loved thee and i would never forget thy love * * Benamer Hamza * *