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25-12-2012, 13:16
If u love Disney and stuff (think Tron), then u shud definetly watch "John Carter."
I just wept when I watched that movie cos it's full of emotion, longing, love, all that things that make life worth living. It's better than Twilight Saga even. When I watch Twilight Saga I just cry all the way thru it cos Bella's issues are so compelling.
If u watch JC, then u will c Princess Deja Thoris of Barssoom (Mars) and probably just feel the way I do and stuff. The actress is the truly gorgeous, muscled Lyn Collins.
Now about me own work and the Princess Sophia trilogy , it's just the same sort of idea, only Disney set their tale on Mars and I done me tale in Byzantium. I wud say that my stuff is like a thinking woman's version of John Carter somehow.
Ok then, here is a tribute to Lynn Collins and John Carter.

Lynn Collins for Wonder Woman - YouTube

25-12-2012, 13:25
Why is John Carter a Christmas movie? It's obvious.
Kids will love the Thargs and all the fighting and Mars.
Guys will love all the action and the heroism of John Carter.
Women will love the character of Princess Dejah, her muscles, steely gaze, and kick ass philospophy.
Everyone gets something out of this movie!