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14-01-2004, 18:27
Have you ever met someone through the internet whom you slept with later?

Tell us your stories!

14-01-2004, 18:30
I haven't, but I can think of about a dozen couples I know that met through the net - and this is just the people in longish-term relationships for whom things worked out - I can only guess for how many it didn't work out:cool: :cool:

14-01-2004, 18:32
I did once and I liked it a lot. We still hang out together once in a while.

DJ Biscuit
14-01-2004, 19:31
Here comes DaveUK with his comments.........:D :D

15-01-2004, 00:16

Well, after my ex and I split up, went out for d for drinkies with several online friends (female) and modesty forbids, DJ, modesty forbids....... ;-)

Not that I went looking for a leg over, to be honest. Just went out to meet a few friends and...... oh, I *am* an old charmer. ;-) Still friends with all of them.

15-01-2004, 03:16
HEhehehehee, Dave... you ARE a charmer... maybe not that old, but that doesn't make your charms less charming :))

15-01-2004, 03:47
Hehee - Sunstorm, thank you, but I *AM* that old, definitely. ;-)))))

Ohh, modesty forbids me going into any detail, but.... one thing I always remember is that it`s very difficult for men and women to stay friends after you`ve gone to bed with each other. Given I`d rather stay friends with someone than lose them, and I`m not on a trophy hunt, I just go and meet people I know from online just on a friendly basis - no other thoughts in mind. ;-)))

However, they occaisionally have other thoughts in mind, and I`m such a gentleman that saying "No" to a lady is always difficult......... :D ;)

15-01-2004, 04:18
hehehee... Dave, I don't agree... I have ...mmm.... few friends who I was almost engaged with... including the one I met via www... I was so wise to escape the marriage... and I guess the guys were finally lucky too ;) ....anyway, what I was going to say is that we are still good friends, and we exchange with the birthday cards, and all...
p.s. you will be right if you assume that my answer to the poll question was positive :) :) And I probably belong to that minority which still hopes that there is someone for him/her in this big world...

15-01-2004, 11:57
Dave, you old fraud,

Along with the great cloud of smoke from your Cuban stogies comes this smokescreen of innocence. Would you have us believe that while ensconced in some cozy pub with a pint of fine English brew and a lovely lassie by your side that your thoughts turn only to how to protect the young lady's virtue? Paroxysmic laughter gushed forth from my astounded mouth at the very idea! :-)

15-01-2004, 17:03
Hehee. ;-))) Guffaw if you will, my Gnomish chum, but, alas, it`s true. Being 38 and "single no kids" makes me a bit of a dating rarity, y`see.

Fraud, sir ? Never. ;-))) I was more thinking along the lines of being "possessed" again (spinning heads and pea soup not being quite what I had in mind) (in fact, I`d rather be possessed than, er, possessed) ... and it`s "anything for a quiet life" at the moment. ;-))

15-01-2004, 20:20
Dave, you young fraud,

I have a lot of trouble buying this line. It's slick dudes like you with the lines of innocence that ensnare poor lassies. :-)

15-01-2004, 22:27
Slick ? ;-)) He said, having come back from the dentists with a gold tooth today (baaad sign, eh ? ;-)) )

Whoops, just dropped a whole deck full of aces on the carpet, just a moment.... ;-)))))))

Hehee !! Kniga, I`m honestly innocent, naieve and puppy-dog trusting. With a bottle of J&B Rare, a Jose Piedra Nacionale, gold tooth and the ability to riffle cut a deck of cards with one hand. ;-)))) Believe me, a quiet life is preferable to some o` the scrapes I can get m`self into...... -))))))

See ? A face an aged, doting grandmother could trust. ;-))))) Mind you, they`re 100% safe with me. ;-))) (better add THAT comment pretty damn quick.... :D)

15-01-2004, 23:30

Truly, a picture is worth a thousand words. I take it all back! :-) :-) :-)

16-01-2004, 00:06
............. we`ll have to have a game of cards sometime, Kniga. ;-))))))))))

Back on topic !!!

I know quite a few couples - UK<>UK and UK <> RU - who`ve met on the internet and got on famously. I don`t know if anyone here remembers those glorious pre-internet days when dating agencies first started becoming popular, but the standard comment at the time is "You`ll never meet anyone like that." ;)

Really, I think it`s the shock of the new. However, we all have a good idea what people are like on this site via extended correspondance, so !! We tend to know who we`d like to meet up with in real life, given the chance. And people DO tend to meet up and all kinds of stuff happens from there.;-)) Modesty forbids me saying anything, though. ;-)))))))) Somehow, out there, the real world and virtual world connect up........ in more ways than one at times. ;-)))))))

However !! Dave here is, er, far too nice (ahemmm cough splutter) to ever take advantage of a Nice Young Lady - believe it or not - you believe it not, I can tell you - I have ZERO idea when I`m being chatted up and it`s usually quite a surprise to me when it happens. ;-))) Kniga, these Cubanos must be rotting my perceptive powers....... ;-)))))

16-01-2004, 11:44
Yes, no doubt the Cubanos are doing damage to your lungs, heart and brain, but somehow have left your Silver Tongue untarnished!

16-01-2004, 14:40
What brain ??? :D Or lungs, now I come to think of it ... ;)

26-01-2004, 13:31
Originally posted by Poika
Have you ever met someone through the internet whom you slept with later?

Tell us your stories!

yes. but i didn't like it.

26-01-2004, 14:27
Midas! Long time no see...

My internet experience was very interesting and fulfilling up until it got intimate. Turns out she was a bit, shall we say, inexperienced in such matters. I in the end, spent the weekend with her but did not want to be the "first" in her life. We were friends for a long time after that.

17-02-2004, 20:21
to Poika: no, are you ?
it was good?

Moscow Wolf
17-02-2004, 22:26

DaveUK have you got a picture of yourself without a chod in hand or mouth? This question got raised at Tinkoff on Friday and you wasn't even there! lol.

19-02-2004, 10:48
MORPHEUS, yep. it's been a while... Your internet experience is basically my internet experience :) It was alright up until it got "horizontal". She turned out to be inexperienced, naive and vulnerable. I regretted that relations a lot.

19-02-2004, 12:45
Yes, on repeated times, all of them were fantastic and experienced, we always keep in touch but have never moved onto anything more serious than that.

09-03-2004, 11:38
Originally posted by Moscow Wolf

DaveUK have you got a picture of yourself without a chod in hand or mouth? This question got raised at Tinkoff on Friday and you wasn't even there! lol.


Actually, I don`t think I HAVE !!!!! - thank GOD that they`re only in my hand or mouth, eh ? ;-))))))))))

15-03-2004, 10:29

Alethea, when the telephone was invented, it was blamed for all sorts of social ills and quite a few people refused to use it..... the internet`s just a form of communication which gives you the chance to lie to people you`ve never met. ;)

Excuse me, the Ferrari needs another wash - it`s over there behind that pile of krugerrands...... ;-))))))))))))

06-04-2004, 06:32
There y`are, mate - no cigar ! :D