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13-12-2012, 15:31
Hi all!

I wanted to know if you have found a good powder or liquid detergent for laundry. I have problems especially with my toddler clothing, food stains (chocolate, ghematoghen) and socks.

I have a washing machine Candy, a little old. And I feel that Russian soaps not rinsed well.

On the other hand, I wanted to know if you have tried the soap Heitzman for colored clothing. The soap costs about 700 rubles big box (or about 140 per kilogram) and in Moscow I have seen in large boxes only.

Is it worth the expense? There are better alternatives?

Thanks in advance.


13-12-2012, 15:58
I used Ushastaya Nyanya for all my colored clothes. I wash them at 40 degrees and it gets them clean. It's not expensive; it dissolves well; and it rinses out well, without leaving any scent behind. It's non-allergenic for babies clothing.


13-12-2012, 16:08
We've used both Ushastaya Nyan' and Aistyonok. - the latter extensively, but my wife has complained that it doesn't really wash stains out.

There's a more expensive Frau Schmidt which my wife has been happy with so far...

16-12-2012, 15:30
We use Persil only, my grandmother did so already and no reason to change. why invent the wheel new?
and no stuff for rinsing.9% cheapest Russian apple vinegar. A soup spoon full for one load of laundry. not more and indeed your laundry will smell of salad.
with Persil though be careful. There are two kinds. One in a glossy smooth packet and the other one i na more or less plain carton. the plain carton is cheaper and is a -fake-. cheap imitation and does not wash as one would expect from Persil. seldom found in supermarkets but at kiosks or small shops. be aware.