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07-11-2007, 21:51
Here is my increasingly troublesome situation:


I have a student visa registered with St. Petersburg State University which is being extended from it's previous three-month length to last until our winter break on the 21st, but I've extended it to the 23rd, just in case. This visa was said and done with well before this new and f-ing stupid law with the 90 days in, 90 days out business, and given what I've read about retroactivity, this visa is safe.


I have a round trip ticket to London for said winter vacation leaving the 21st, returning to St. Petersburg on the 7th of January. Sometime before my departure I will have a business visa invitation which I will use in London to apply for a 365-day business visa, but ONLY IF London still provides visas for American citizens under this new and aforementioned ass-backwards legislation.

If not, I have to change a paper-ticket international flight which, right on the ticket, says "no changes, no refunds, do not pass go, do not collect $200, etc." It was purchased through STA travel at anything but a student rate of about $500-$600.

I've just called the Russian Consulate in London and got two different answers. One woman, who eventually hung up on me saying to call the consulate in Washington DC, said it was not possible. I called again on a different line, talked to another Russian girl, and this time was told that right now it IS possible for Americans to receive all types of visas at their consulate, but that the "laws might change" between now and December when I plan to be in the UK. To me, this means that the UK's adherence to the Russian Embassy's laws with respect

Time is absolutely of the essence given the possiblity that I have to negotiate a change in return destination of my flight, as well as the fact that if I cannot return to Russia, all my stuff has to come with me on what was originally supposed to be a one-bag vacation. Perhaps someone here knows this system better than I or the ditzes working the phones in England. Any and all help/advice is *greatly* appreciated.


07-11-2007, 23:02

On the other site an Australian posted today that they were refused a visa in London. I don't know the person, but I don't see why they would lie. Unfortunately, I would change my tickets if I was you. It appears that Russian Embassies are only accepting visa from residents of that country.

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Good luck.

08-11-2007, 01:53
I should mention the one loophole to this law that I know of even though I cannot take advantage of it. Students are all but exempt from this recent and annoying piece of legislation. The section of SPSU that I currently study under will extend my student visa as long as I like so long as I sign a contract and pay tuition matching the dates of said visa. I, however, am looking to travel to outlying Slavic countries and to places within Russia after the 7th of January when I'm set to return to St. Petersburg, and can't really go paying for classes I intentionally plan on not attending. Well... I could, but it'd be a huge waste of money. Hopefully, between now and December I will be able to find the loophole or the pricetag that exists within virtually every law on the Russian books, or perhaps the expat gentry of Moscow or St. Pete will exert enough influence to create either written or unwritten exemptions and exceptions for Westerners applying for visas in countries other than their own.

*sigh* what a headache.