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11-12-2012, 11:26
If you are planning on visiting one of the places on the Golden Ring have a look at these very informative videos from Russia Today.
click on a town and enjoy..


James D
26-02-2013, 19:14
thanks, this is helpful

24-07-2013, 14:27
Bogolubovo is a small settlement on the outskirts of Vladimir. As not all the "Golden Ring" tours do stop there, you can easily undertake your own small trip. Bogolubovo is just in 40 min from Vladimir centre.

Have a look at fresh photos + some history:

Besides, Golden Ring towns Vladimir and Suzdal are easily reachable from Moscow now. A speed train from Moscow arrives to Vladimir in just 1h.45m.
Vladimir is an interesting town itself, and it is a good base for exploring of famous Suzdal. A bus to Suzdal runs from Vladimir train station almost every hour. Your trip will take about 1h.30min.

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13-08-2013, 22:38
Yet just another Golden Ring town.

Suzdal (http://marysrussiaguide.blogspot.ru/2013/08/suzdal.html)

I bet you have already been there. But have you visited Trapeznaya? Best Russian cuisine ever.