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10-12-2012, 17:25

The company I'm negotiating with told me that they'll give me HQS visa/permit.

Couple of questions (couldn't understand from FMS site):
1)What is the status of my wife if she is intrested to look for job in Russia? Are there any difference between spouce of HQS and russian citizens when looking for job? Does she need any aditional permits?
2) Do I need to pass medical exams (AIDS, etc.)?

Thank you.

10-12-2012, 18:30
2) yes, you need Aids test for you and your wife and an apostille on the mariage contract.
1) As I am myself a spouse with visa from my husband, I can tell you: yes, she will need an additional permit. Actually, she can not work on the spouse Visa and has to find an employeur that will make the paperwork for her.

And even with the HQS visa, there is still a big different to the russian citizens, the status is not the same.

Good luck anyways

11-12-2012, 22:38
Thank you.

It's a little bit different from what I saw on FMS site, but I guess we'll have to check out directly at FMS.