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05-08-2003, 13:54
First of all, I do like the new style/colorscheme of the site, but.......

I use a resolution of 1280*1024.

When I open www.expat.ru the text "Welcome to the new ...." starts on the lower half of the screen. I can immagine that on lower resolutions it starts even lower. I do not think this looks to good, at least to me it looks bad. The text/content should be the main thing on the page, not the menus and banner that take up 60%-70% of the page.

There are three menus, one with "forums-chat-sitemap-search" and one lower right of the screen with metro-map, etc. . Almost forgot, the red login and menubar with sections. Quite confusing I think. I think they could be combined, have smaller icons and less margin.

And the 2 bars with banners on the top half also take up to much space to my taste. Maybe some small banner could go to the side or even below?

I must confess that I don't even visit this part of the site anymore because it does not tempt me to browse.

Leaves me to say that I don't have any problems with the forums, I love the layout and functions. Good work! Thank you guys!