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07-11-2007, 10:09
Hi, This is my first time in Russia and my current visa expires in 3 weeks. We were told to go to Kiev to renew. I have read that this is not a good place, but our employer says to go there. Is it possible to go on a Saturday from Moscow and return on Tuesday, visa in hand? We have a single entry visa now, so we must have a new visa in order to return. Everyone in the office is Russian and therefore cannot answer our questions! Someone please HELP!


07-11-2007, 10:22
If you have a single entry, the visa can not be renewed. Get a new one, by getting an invitation in a tourism agency, then apply with the invitation in a Russian consulate.

As an American, I *think* (but am not sure) that you may still get your visa in any country. Check with the visa agency.

07-11-2007, 10:57
I have a new letter and visa invitation, I just need to leave to get a one year visa since my 3 month one is expiring. Mine is a work visa. Any other ideas?

07-11-2007, 11:30
Is it an invitation for a work visa (?) or an invitation for a Business Visa? What it is, makes a big difference.

If you want to clarify what the Kiev Embassy will do, the best idea is to call and ask them. The Rules are changing all over the place at the moment and are different from Embassy to Embassy and if you just call and explain to them your situation and ask them, that will be the only way of knowing what they are doing.

People on here can only tell you what may have happened when they went there and that is only relevant if they have only just been there (last couple of weeks) and they were US passport holders asking for the same Visa that you asked for. Otherwise the outcome may be different.

07-11-2007, 13:16
I just called the Consulate in Ukraine and got the following answers:

They will still process any type of visa for U.S. citizens - including up to 1 years ME's.

Processing will take 10 days. The only way around this now is to have Ukrainian registration for as long as your Russian visa lasts - in other words, if you are registered in Ukraine for 1 year, you can get a 1 year Russian visa expedited faster than the now standard 10 days.

The fee for a 6 month ME (for 10 days) is $150. I didn't ask about one year, but I'm guessing it is the same or perhaps $200.

Always remember - this is the news today and is subject to change tomorrow!