View Full Version : Family name spelt incorrectly in my wife's new passport

06-11-2007, 14:31
My wife has just returned from the passport office to find that they have spelt her English family name incorrectly: MAYERS instead of MYERS.

Has anybody had the same problem. If so is it possible to still travel with this. My wife says that you are aloud 3 mistakes on your ticket, and i guess this would count as just 1. We are planning to go to the UK in 1 month for Xmas and New Year, but are unsure whether she should use her passport and then get it changed afterwards (maybe stating that she had problems getting into the UK because of it) or whether to just live with the 1 letter mistake and the potential problems it may pose...

Anyone who can give some helpful advice, or share their experience would be appreciated.

I seem to remember reading a link about this ages ago, but cannot find it anymore :(


06-11-2007, 14:40
The same happened to my wife, they put an extra letter in her first name and an extra one in her new surname,we told them but they said take it up lump it... My wife went abroad a few times with this passport and she had no problems..
We went through a few airports and only once did someome mention her name is different to mine, the guy who asked was new at the job and when i told him ,it was just a balls up with the way russians translate names, he just smiled and stamped her passport.You shouldnt have any problems.

06-11-2007, 16:54
LOL,, Doint worry about it, The OVIR knows more than you do, even how to spell your name correctly, and you have Zero chance of getting it chnaged in russia. there are some intresting post about, where the ovir have told an english person thay thay have speelt there name wrong and that the ovir are correct etc. all the immigration officers of othere countrys, and embassys just laugh at russia for it, at the most thay may ask for a letter explaning why the difrent spelling, then all you wirte is thats how russia has decided that your english name should be spelt in english. LOL