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05-11-2007, 07:04
So I have been in Moscow almost a year now out of a 3 year contract. Of course I can extend my contract to stay longer but I have not made up my mind yet. So the question is for those of you who came for a short period but ended up staying longer. Obviously those you came for a short period and then left can not answer. Just wanted to see what some of the reasons are and also if location has anything to do with it as in Moscow versus St. Pete, etc.....

DJ Biscuit
05-11-2007, 13:42
I came over for a two year contract....that was back in June 1995.

05-11-2007, 15:47
Once an expat, always an expat. You can't go home, at least not easily.

I lived in Moscow Oct1991-Aug1993, and swore I'd never return. Within one year I was back, and I'm still here.

The problem is that after two years abroad I'd lost contact with my old friends, and I no longer had the network needed to get a good job.

Even worse, during those two years I myself had changed significantly, but no one I'd known had changed. In those two years I'd traveled widely to unheard-of corners of the earth, met and conquered daily challenges, improved my language skills tremendously, and met incredibly fascinating and accomplished Russians and expats. I'm from the States, where March Madness basketball, Seinfeld episodes, mortgage rates, and who'd been drunk the past weekend were the most common topics of conversation. I couldn't go back to that. I just couldn't.

In short, it was a very rough repatriation. The only cure was going abroad again. Treatment has been a total success, and there's been no relapse.

There's a LOT of research on the topic. Look up "repatriation shock" in Google for more information. Even if you do decide to go back, read up on it so you'll be prepared for any problems.

Good luck!