View Full Version : Georgia; time for change again?

03-11-2007, 19:32
70 000 were protesting in the center of Tbilisi yesterday demanding new elections. people claim that live has not improved under Saakashvili and they want someone new.. so from the looks of it all the US $ pumped in to make live for the average citizen better has somehow not found the way into the right pockets or being used to improve the infrastructure?
well i worked ther three month after they got rid of Gamsakhurdia, than it was Shevardnadze and now Saakashvili.
maybe the new man will be a pro Moscow and live will be eased. so much for democracy in action...with all the sanction and high import taxes in palce the infrastructure is realy hurting there. and for sure it did not help that a louse (or lice..) sold fake Borjomi, wine that never saw a Georgian vineyard and most of the stuff did not even come from there but was doctored somewhere in Russsia...

05-11-2007, 12:41
It's a shame these little countries can't get on and make their own country into a better place to live.Even if there is an election and a new goverment is formed,there will still be marches against the goverment.