View Full Version : live (death?) is cheap in Russia...

03-11-2007, 19:16
maybe it is not fair to compare but it would be interesting how governments calculate the 'value' of a their citizens and human beings.
the government of spain will pay for each death from the train explosion that happened some time back 900 000 Euros. ( theoretically the perpetrators should have to pay but where will they get the money from...) each injured person will get between 30.000 and 1.2 mil euros.
for the victims of the recent Togliatti bus bombing, the relatives of each dead will get 300 000 rubles (12.000 $) and each injured person will get between 100 and 200 000 rubles.
and this is on the high side already. i remember when compensation was just a few 1000' rubles...