View Full Version : NEEDED American English for a 3yo girl (looking to SHARE a tutor or JOIN a group)

02-11-2012, 00:05
American English for a 3yo girl (looking to share a tutor or join a group)

3,5 yo girl, Russian native with what seems to be good language skills, parents fluent in English.

Primarily looking to join a small study group of some sort (perhaps, to SHARE a tutor or a small group, mainly because we believe in group learning) for an hour-long classes about 2 times a week.
Best if located in downtown Moscow. Will consider reasonable commute.
With less enthusiasm will consider individual lessons and formal language schools.
Willing to pay more for a good tutor.

Primarily looking for American/Canadian female aged 25+, race/ethnicity do not matter, must be a native speaker or a fluent American English speaker with no traceable accent.

Please reply onto freebee at inbox dot ru or via PM.

02-11-2012, 15:43
Contact me by pm I may be able to set you up with an American at our an office at Oktoberskaya.