View Full Version : Американец Исправит Ваш Английский Язык!

Billie Bob
29-10-2012, 15:08
Привет or hello...

Let me "improve" your American English!
Having problems with pronounciations? need practice? Want to speak English fluently?

I'll help you out!

Is it expensive? Well, Do you have a friend who also wants to improve
their english? want to improve together? and SAVE?

message me!

Very reasonable.
о цене договоримся! :10293:

Location: Moscow, I prefer юго-западное районы, но всё расмотрю.
Time: anytime is fine.
Options: Your office, your apartment, neutral location, skype.

Я американец, родом из нью йорка, в москве много лет.
знаю как могу помочь улучшать ваш английский.
and I'm sure you will be satisfied with my results!

Я знаю как могу помочь улучшИть ваш английский И МОГУ ЭТО СДЕЛАТЬ!

I'll put fun into the studies, and you'll take me quite serious too!

Lessons can begin end of November, Start of December 2012.