View Full Version : Avicii this Sat - anyone want to join?

15-10-2012, 16:08
Hi guys

This coming Saturday the 20th Avicii is in town, playing at Club Totem. See here: http://www.concert.ru/Details.aspx?ActionID=31394

Have heard rave reviews from friends who have been to his concerts and am dying to go but unfortunately dont have many friends in Moscow who like this music.

So does anyone want to come with me? It should be a crazy fun night of dancing with some incredible music. Can meet for a few drinks beforehand and then head in.

Judging from a couple of recent threads, it looks like there are a number of other electro/dance lovers out there, so if you are interested please reply! Otherwise I may have to go all on my lonesome :(


18-10-2012, 23:44
I ll be going with 5 friends, you can meet us over there if you wish. :wavey: