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01-10-2012, 13:54

I am working in IT, I have a job offer from Russia. I want to know what is processing time for work visa for Indians? Which all documents are required?


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01-10-2012, 17:05
It depends on which work visa you will be hired on: a standard or specialist one. But, you are probably looking at 2 to 3 months to sort all of the paper work and have the working visa and work permit in your hands. HR at your new employer can probably can probably give a better estimate.

28-10-2012, 00:31
If you are planning to come to work in Russia, you should be aware that the company which hires you must either have so called quota for your profession or the position you are hired for should be "quotaless", otherwise the whole thing will not be quite legal. basically it takes around 3 months to get work permit, which company shoul provide you, plus at the same time they can organise invitation for you to get single entry working visa at Russian embassy New Delhi or any other Russian Consulate in India ( getting invitation takes around 2-3 weeks depending on situation). When you come to your working plus the company shpuld extend your visa - this means instead of single entry working visa they should get for you multiple entry working visa ( normally for 1 year) from local dept of FMS. This is the standard way for all foreign citizens coming from countries with which Russia has visa formalities.
If you are offered postion of a highly qualified foreign specialist then things are quite different and much easier, but main requirement for that is your salary should exceed 2 mln. rouble per annum.