View Full Version : Neighbourhood around Preobrazhenskaya ploshchad

27-09-2012, 17:14
Can anyone tell me about the area around Preobrazhenskaya ploshchad metro station? What is there to do around there? Is it a generally safe area? Any information at all would be really helpful. Thank you!

27-09-2012, 21:29
I don't live there, but a friend does. I think that it is a nice area which feels very safe. Nearly everyone on the street is respectable and there are not many people who seem like they don't belong there. There is a 24-hour Magnolia grocery store near the eastern metro entrance and there are a variety of the usual shops further to the east on

27-09-2012, 22:27
It's a open space with a wide busy street with Soviet style buildings around the metro area and a huge new office building that was just finished nearby that looks slightly out of place. There are quiet areas but you have to live away from the metro area.

28-09-2012, 11:44
Have been there just once and found the area was lovely, "old moscow" feel..


29-09-2012, 16:15
This area used to be much more unpleasant when there were two enormous markets nearby - in Luzhniki and in Izmailovo. Thank God! they are removed now and the district is rather safe.
It is not quiet there because of heavy traffic, and the houses may seem ramshackle. It's not a pompous place where well-to-do people tend to live but there are parks not far from it - Izmailovo, Sokol'niki, Losiny ostrov, lots of shops, caffes, etc
So it's NOT the worst place in Moscow!