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25-09-2012, 18:17
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he was looking for a -home- in all of Moscow-s districts. and apparently he liked Strogino the best.
a whole floor at the OLYMPIA twin towers will be reserved for him. his new home: http://www.emporis.com/building/olympiatower2-moscow-russia
Bad news of course for drivers. In the morning and when he returns from work,Leningradskaya,Volokolamskaya and Stroginski Shosse will be closed....
Good news for us who live in Strogino. No extra construction will go on (the one we were protesting against during all summer month). The good Mayor of course wants to have peace and quiet at home. And the Prefect better looks after that. Since he knows, any problem, and we all will be prostesing around the Olympia Towers....

25-09-2012, 18:25
I don't think that roads are closed for the mayor

25-09-2012, 18:34
I don't think that roads are closed for the mayor

of course not as long (maybe) as for VV, but the cops for sure will be there. and make sure he has -green - on every red traffic light.

25-09-2012, 19:48
Luzhkov maybe took a lot of money in his pocket BUT at least city was clean!

Sobyanin? Never saw such dirty city, traffic jam worse than ever! Asphalts was changed (as with Luzhkov) even twice in some places in Summer (Sadovoe at Paveletskaya, 3 times chaged asphalt between June and August)! Tramway rails were changed, the result is that roads are often worse than before (for example in Novoslobodskaya area, the old pavements were removed, 2 months work, and... the SAME old pavements are in place, with rocks everywhere as the work isn't finished!); holes digged in the street remain at some places without work (Paveletskaya area, a big hole is delimited since 2 months, NOBODY works, never. Result, big traffic jam to join the sadovoe). Same in Krasnoselskaya. Same in Sokol. Etc etc.

On sadovoe, 2 months repair(?) at Kurskaya. 1 month now on the Tsvetnoy bridge! Oh, everywhere an enormous bardak!

Previous years, July and August were quite without traffic jam! This year, July was like September, and August only a bit better!
The stupid idea of bus lanes, that are aways blocked by cars or by EMPTY buses did not change anything, at the opposite the traffic jam is worse!

Etc etc

VVP put Sobyanin especially to solve Moscow traffic jam. Nothing to say that Sobyanin result is worse than with Luzhkov!

25-09-2012, 19:51
I didn't realise i moved into such a desirable area! :D