View Full Version : Wonderful place to vacation in Karelia

27-10-2007, 07:26
I can recommend an incredible place to stay in Karelia for a short or long vacation. I stayed with my son for two months this summer and loved it. It is between 800-1,000 rubles/day, but the owners might make a discount for off-season visits. The location is called Torfianoe, and is just west of the St.Petersburg-Priozersk road. This is about 130km north of St.Petersburg (a 2.5 hour drive). The Russian owners (a couple in their 50s) built this wooden home by themselves a few years ago. It has two floors, and they rent out a very large room on the second floor, with another smaller room adjoining the stairway. The large room is fully furnished with a king-size bed, child's bed, chairs, table, TV, and a huge carpet. The floors, walls, ceiling (under sloping roof) are all in wood and this creates a really cozy atmosphere. There is a private entrance downstairs, as well as a kitchen with a gas stove, fridge, and an eating area. The house has running water, but all bathing is done in the sauna, a small building 15m from the house. The owners will heat up the sauna upon request at any time. Also on the grounds are: a beautiful flower garden, vegetable garden, lawn, wood shed and barbecue, toilet facility.

The house is at the end of a small road in the village, far from other homes, and right next to a forest, where I found tons of white mushrooms this September. The path into the forest begins behind the sauna building. There are views of the forest, gardens, and surrounding fields from the windows of the room. It is extremely quiet with no neighbors around, and provides a wonderful rest from the city. The village itself is a typical Karelian village, with 1 store (basic produce, but short on meats, etc.) and not much else. There is a lake 15 minutes away from the house. There is also a river, and forests all around, full of mushrooms and berries (and sometimes bears).

I really loved it and will be coming back. Since the owner was so kind and provided amazing service every day we were there (she prepared jams for us, gave us vegetables from her garden,etc.) I wanted to make this ad for her, as she has no internet. I will be adding photos of the place later on. The best time to stay here is June - October, but a short stay during the winter would also work. It is ideal for 1-3 people. The house is heated by a wood-burning stove downstairs in the owner's part of the house, and by 2 portable heaters upstairs. If you would like to stay here, please PM me, and I will pass on her mobile number.